As a valued technology partner, Maverick Retail Advisors can implement retail systems to make your business more effective.

Here is some additional information regarding our Retail System Services:
  • Software Solutions – software is available to automate almost all aspects of retail. We can locate and implement the one solution or combination of solutions you need.

  • Hardware Solutions – scalability or lack of processing power can be the Achilles heel to a successful business. Let’s make sure your hardware is adequate and up to date.

  • Merchandise Management and Inventory Control – understanding your inventory and moving it intelligently is integral to reducing cost. We offer inventory management for over 90 fields, up to 99 departments, and can even create customer profiles to track purchases. We can help you reduce over buying.

  • E-Commerce – let’s strengthen your flow of revenue from the web. We can implement point of sale systems, online shopping carts, credit card charge support, physical inventories, and frequent buy programs to stimulate your online conversion activity.

  • Business Intelligence – your systems need to work for you and process as much data as they can independently. We can implement BI to accomplish that. This would include automatic purchase orders, automatic customer price monitoring, and price level management.

  • Price and Cost Management – this is an area that can be so easily overlooked or left behind in retail. It’s important to understand and define your margins. We offer 10 pricing levels, 100 taxing levels, print pricing levels by PO, and a 13 month sales history on PO’s.

  • Financials – it’s crucial to correctly manage and report financials to avoid additional cost and unexpected tax complications. We can work with you to obtain a general accounting package, achieve perfect stock balances, and control in house charges.

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